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if louis had a twin they’d be Fred and George Weasley dont argue

#especially tho because everybody always underestimated fred and george #and thought they’d never amount to anything because they were troublemakers #and ended up working hard and becoming wildly successful entrepreneurs #and someone called harry believed in them so they took an opportunity #wow this parallel got away from me (stylesinaflowercrown)


can harry stop looking at liam like he’s thinking abt what liam would look like less clothed and more inside of him.





wwa tour (xx)


Bitch, dont you “previously on…” me. I have been watching this show for 5 hours. I know what happened.


title: like how your hands feel me up and down

author: ballsdeepinjesus

word count/rating:  7.5k, explicit

summary“How do I look?” Harry asks lowly. He turns around and gestures towards the unzipped back of his skirt for him to help. Louis stumbles forward and places a cold hand on the exposed side of Harry’s stomach, steadying him while he pulls the zipper up the rest of the way. He pushes Harry back into the dressing room and stands behind him in front of the mirror.

“It’s — you’re tight,” Louis chokes. “It’s tight, I mean. It’s. Yes.” His hand is curved around his hip now, squeezing lightly.

“Tight’s good, right?” Harry murmurs, batting his eyelashes. He almost can’t believe himself.

“Very good,” Louis grunts.

[louis works in a halloween shop and harry needs a costume]